Ramadan Challenge Winners Received Their Prizes, 10% Of All Deposits Donated To Charity

Ramadan Challenge

Last Ramadan, Juno Markets ran a Ramadan Challenge: Make A Smile, Share The Joy, that gave an opportunity for all traders to trade, donate, and win. 

The Ramadan Challenge is an exclusive campaign to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan, and a $3,500 pool prize has been awarded to the winners. 

Through the campaign, Juno Markets has enabled the trading community to not only trade but also help those in need during Ramadan.

In the spirit of giving, we have decided to donate 10% of all deposits made through the campaign that started on April 4th, 2022, to April 28th, 2022, to charity both in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Let’s have a peek at the interview done by Juno Markets with the 1st place winner of the contest, Rendy Oktari from Indonesia. In the challenge, Rendy has gained more than 700% profit.

How do you feel after winning the Ramadan Challenge by Juno Markets?

I quickly realized that no words could describe how I felt. I feel amazing, and it seems like I’m still dreaming. I was in second place three days before the challenge ended and was shocked to find myself in first place in the final ‘battle.’ The first place competitor is gone!

How are you planning to handle the trading time during the challenge?

My approach is straightforward. I enjoy using breakouts. I believe that everyone has their own method of analyzing markets. Perhaps most importantly, stick to your plan. So, no matter what trading strategies or trading plans you devise, once you’ve decided to do something, just do it. The most difficult part is putting the plan into action. Emotional management, in my experience, is also critical. From previous experience, it is far too easy to make irrational decisions and thus make the incorrect choice. I’m also attempting to deal with those feelings.

Tell us about your trading experience.

I can say that my trading experience is very broad. I started my Forex trading journey in 2010. So, I am very comfortable with it. Honestly speaking, I’m just focusing on currency movement throughout the challenge. 

Why did you choose Juno Markets as your trading broker?

My recommendation for choosing a broker is first to check out the company’s background; how long have they been in business; how fast do they provide their services; do they have a manager who can speak your local language; how fast is their withdrawal; what are their commissions. Honestly, I found all of these to be very good at Juno Markets from the Introducing Broker (IB), Pak Lukson. The system and execution of Juno Markets are the best. 

What do you love about the Ramadan Challenge?

The prizes! The awards! I can withdraw the prize I received on the second day of Aidilfitri. My victory was felt by everyone in my family as I returned to my hometown at the time. Thanks Juno Markets provides a really good opportunity and platform for traders like me to hone trading skills and gain experience. I have enjoyed this competition so far and I wish Juno Markets all the best. 

As a financial services provider, Juno Markets is committed to establishing a financial ecosystem network that empowers clients to stay one step ahead.

Juno Markets also offered a great opportunity to show or sharpen your trading skills and win a $1,000 prize through the Top Trader Contest

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