How To Raise Capital with NASDAQ

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Nasdaq is a global stock exchange that has been in operation since November 8, 1971. It is one of the largest exchanges in the world by market capitalization and listed companies. Currently, Nasdaq serves around 4,400 different companies with a combined market value of over USD 23 trillion.

Nasdaq is the world leader in listing, trading, and clearing stock market transactions; and it has launched a wide range of new services to help startups and early-stage companies. Nasdaq is where companies can raise capital and grow their businesses. It’s a place where companies can go to build partnerships and alliances. And it’s a place where companies can go to reach their customers and markets.

Why list with Nasdaq?

Nasdaq’s experience helps companies discover the upside to listing on their market. The benefits of starting a new public company on Nasdaq are substantial. Besides the obvious of aligning your company name with leading iconic brands across a broad range of sectors such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Maersk, and Volvo, companies on Nasdaq also enjoy several advantages compared to other public companies.

Efficient Execution

Give your stabilization agent the tools they need to price an IPO security accurately and help them control the auction to maximize execution. Nasdaq’s real-time Bookviewer is the best tool globally, delivering transparency and total control to your stabilization agent during IPOs, a plethora of data, and access to intelligence will enable them to make quick and confident decisions.

Effective Corporate Engagement

Powered by the latest technology, with enhanced security features and user-friendliness; the Nasdaq board portal is designed to help you easily scale to meet the dynamic needs of company secretaries, general counsels, and board members in today’s increasingly digital corporate governance landscape — no matter how fast your business grows.

Shareholder Engagement & Intelligence Tools

Nasdaq is the leading provider of solutions that enable companies of all industries and sectors to execute their investor relations strategies successfully. Their team of IR experts and world-class software provide innovative and effective solutions for your company’s investor relations needs.

Ways to list on Nasdaq

Listing on a major exchange like Nasdaq is a way for companies to grow, stay competitive, and thrive. Nasdaq is a global exchange with an extensive reporting network which means your business can expand worldwide and attract more investors. Nasdaq is a lot more than just a place to go when a tech company wants to raise capital. It’s a place where companies of all shapes and sizes come to increase the visibility of their business. Nasdaq is a place where companies can brand themselves, build their credibility, and build their reputation.

Initial Public Offering

An initial public offering, or IPO, is the first time a company will sell stock to the public and the stock begins to trade on an exchange. IPOs and stock offerings are often associated with young, small companies who are seeking outside equity capital and a public market for their stock. An IPO is an excellent way for a company to raise money but also to become publicly traded. In the last year, we had an 83% win rate for operating company IPOs, which is the best win rate in the US.

Direct Listing

A direct listing is a relatively new way for companies to go public. Companies can sell their shares directly on the stock exchange without selling additional securities to public investors, bypassing Wall Street under a new Securities and Exchange Commission rule. This saves the company from paying the fees associated with selling shares to investors. It can also give a company more control over its stock price as it doesn’t have to set a price based on investor demand. Spotify is one of the companies that choose the direct listing route.


Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are publicly-traded investment vehicles designed to complete a future acquisition. SPACs are typically formed by investment banks or private equity firms and are often used by private companies to transition to the public markets. The company’s board of directors will pre-agree to purchase a specific business at a certain price and on a certain date. The company will then raise money through an IPO in order to complete the acquisition. In the first quarter of 2020, Nasdaq welcomed 71% of all U.S. business combinations, including DraftKings, Opendoor, and Luminar Technologies.

Nasdaq Private Market (NPM)

Nasdaq Private Market offers a marketplace for investors who are looking to invest in private companies. The marketplace matches accredited investors with private companies looking for capital.

Tender Offers & Company Repurchases

NPM helps your company meet liquidity needs through our comprehensive regulatory framework, modern secondary technology, and ecosystem of institutional buyers. Our team takes care of all your liquidity needs during the secondary offering process, from when you accept your offering to the settlement of funds.

Block Trades

NPM offers private companies a simple way to find the appropriate strategic investor(s) for their secondary block sale transactions. These companies can use this service to customize and adjust their timeline via the platform, giving them insight throughout the bidding, IOI entry, and closing process.

Private Company Secondary Auctions

NPM uses its legal expertise and secondary trading experience to create a fair marketplace for private company shareholders and investors. By transacting privately, NPM sets up and facilitates a secondary auction format that encourages competitive pricing and allows shareholders to be more involved in the transaction itself.

Option Extensions, RSU Liquidity & 701 Disclosures

Help clients remain compliant with Rule 701, sell their vested units, and provide shareholders with an easy way to convert stock options to avoid expiration or allow repricing.

Nasdaq Investor Relations (IR)

Nasdaq IR Solutions allows you to tell your best story to drive valuation and elevate your global brand.

All-in-One Workflow Solution

Nasdaq IR Insight provides your company and its executives with a host of valuable investor engagement tools. You can seamlessly schedule investor meetings on the go with Connect IR or manage your calendar remotely with Microsoft Office integration.

Identify Shareholders

Shareholder ID provides real-time analysis of the global capital markets. With their diverse skills and backgrounds, their IR professionals provide you with timely and accurate insight into investor behavior, market developments, and institutional trading trends.

Gauge Sentiment

A team of communications professionals with a proven track record of helping clients shape the market’s perception of their business. Nasdaq Global Perception practice provides candid market perspectives, the context within the evolving investment landscape, and actionable insights to add value to your engagement with the financial community. We know that market perception is paramount for any company.

Optimize Investor Engagement

Our experienced investor outreach advisors can help your company create and execute a targeted strategy to attract with finding and attracting new investors. We work with you to tailor your message and benchmark success based on proprietary data and actionable insights.

Secure ESG Benefits

You can analyze, assess, and build your ESG program to attract long-term capital and enhance value creation. Our dedicated team guides you through the different phases of your ESG program — whether it’s establishing, strengthening, governing, or sharing your ESG story.


Nasdaq is an excellent place for public companies, but if you’re a small or medium-sized company looking to raise capital or access capital, Nasdaq services are your solution.

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