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Juno Markets has partnered with Nasdaq to introduce US shares through CFDs. Trade world’s largest companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon.

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Commission trading

The world’s most recognizable companies

Gain direct market access with real time quotes from Nasdaq

No restrictions on short selling

Did You Know?

The difference between trading a long CFD and buying security is the employment of leverage. A contract for differences (CFDs) is traded on margin, which means there is no need to tie up the full market value of the purchase of the equivalent stock position.

Juno Markets offers trading on the largest companies by market capitalization with zero commission charged.
Please note that shares CFDs are only available on ECN accounts.
The following contracts are currently offered:

Symbol Name
Company Name
Apple Inc
Adobe Inc
Alibaba Group
Bank of America Corporation
Caterpillar Inc
Salesforce Com Inc
The Walt Disney Company
Alphabet Inc
Goldman Sachs
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan Chase & Co
The Coca-Cola Company
Lockhead Martin Corporation
Meta Platforms
Morgan Stanley
Microsoft Corporation
Netflix Inc
Nvidia Corporation
PepSiCo Inc
The Procter & Gamble Company
Paypal Holdings Inc
Tesla Inc
Visa Inc
Walmart Inc

US Shares CFDs follows similar trading hours as the US stock market. Trading is available from 9:35 am EST to 4:55 pm EST.

The minimum trade size is 1 contract, equivalent to one share of the underlying stock. Partial shares cannot be traded. 1 contract is equivalent to 1 lot on the MT4 platform.

Leverage for all Shares CFDs is 20:1 or 5% margin requirement.
Example: Buy 10 contracts of APPL @ $110/contract = $1,100 total value
Margin requirement = $1,100 * 0.05 = $55

Margin call occurs when a client’s Free Margin reaches zero. A stopout occurs when a client’s equity reaches 50% of the accont’s margin requirement. In the case of a stopout, the open position with the largest floating loss will be closed first.

Since shares CFDs are traded on margin (ie. borrowed money from Juno Markets), financing charges will apply. Positions held open after the close of market will incur a financing charge based on the overnight Fed Rate. Please refer to your MT4 platform for the most up to date rates.

Corporate actions are events that affect the underlying value of a stock. These include dividend payouts, stock splits and share buy backs. By holding a share CFD contract, your position also reflects the corporate action taken by the underlying stock. These corporate actions will take place during market close.

Dividends- Dividend payouts will reflect as a deposit credit to the client’s account as long as a position is held open on the effective date. Alternatively, a debit is taken out of the account if a short sell position is held open on the stock.

Stock splits- Stock splits occur when the company decides to increase the number of shares in the company by splitting existing shares on a predetermined ratio. In the case where a company splits shares of its stock, the open contract will reflect the new number of contracts open along with the new price. Please note that in the case of a stock split, a new position will be opened on the client’s account displaying a new symbol name along with a new number of shares and open price.

Stock buybacks- Buybacks are essentially the opposite of splits whereas the number of shares of an underlying stock are reduced. In the case of a buyback, the open contract will reflect the new number of contracts along with the new open price. Please note that in the case of a stock buyback, a new position will be opened on the client’s account displaying a new symbol name along with a new number of shares and open price.

  1. CFDs allow you to trade on margin (you don’t need to pay 100% upfront and in most cases allow you to control much bigger positions with a fraction) CFDs replicate all the financial benefits of share ownership bar voting rights. Dividends and rights issues are replicated by crediting the account as if each CFD were an actual share.
  2. Because of leverage, a smaller initial capital is required to start trading CFDs versus stocks.
  3. Unlike stocks which have a 3 day settlement period, CFDs are settled as soon as you open or close a position.
  4. CFDs offer the ability to go short with no restrictions which allows you to take advantage of an overvalued stock.
  5. Many traditional stock brokers only offer delayed price quotes unless you are a professional trader or pay for a premium data feed. With CFDs, clients can trade on live prices without waiting on the execution of orders and with direct market access.
  6. CFDs also allow traders to take advantage of strategies such as hedging their existing share portfolio.