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Andy’s Technical Take Week of December 9th 2019.


Global financial markets had a volatile week at the beginning of December. Risk appetite declined in the first half of the past trading week amid geopolitical concerns, forcing major stock indices to retreat from all-time highs. The U.S. Dollar was sliding versus majors as well.

Andy’s Technical Take Week of December 9th 2019.2021-09-15T13:59:16+08:00

Andy’s Technical Take Week Of June 10th 2020


By Andy Berendieiev, Technical Analyst and Institutional Sales Manager at Juno Markets. https://www.facebook.com/andriy.berendieiev.9 Global financial markets were full of optimism in the first trading week of June. The vast majority of traders and investors were betting on high-yield assets amid expectations for the world’s economy to regain the pace of growth after the coronavirus pandemic. Stock indices soared, the US dollar index declined versus major and high-risk currencies, while safe-havens sold off. Besides, the market momentum accelerated, offering lucrative opportunities for active traders and investors in the foreign exchange markets.  In the equities market, tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite was leading the [...]

Andy’s Technical Take Week Of June 10th 20202021-09-15T13:46:48+08:00

Will Gold Surge on FOMC Meeting Minutes?


By Andy Berendieiev, FX Analyst and Institutional Sales Manager at Juno Markets. https://www.facebook.com/andriy.berendieiev.9 Volatility is back to the foreign exchange market as traders and investors struggle to find a direction of capital flows. Economic reports across different regions add fuel to the fire of uncertainty.  Last Friday’s report showed a worse-than-expected drop of US Retail Sales in April (-16.4% vs -12.0% expected and -8.3% previously), while Core Retail Sales (excluding food and energy) plunged -17.2% vs -8.6% expected. As a result, Gold soared to 8-year high at $1750 per ounce.  In the scope of increasing concerns about potentially underestimated negative [...]

Will Gold Surge on FOMC Meeting Minutes?2021-09-15T11:11:35+08:00

Top 5 forex traders of all time


The foreign exchange industry has always had outstanding figures with analytical skills and the ability to grasp market trends in a very sensitive way. If you are a new trader or have been trading in this market for a long time, then there must be one thing that you cannot deny, that we must learn and follow in the footsteps of the successful traders. Here are the top 5 and most influential forex investors that Juno Markets would like to recommend. * Please note that this is only a personal opinion of Juno Markets itself. The rankings in this article [...]

Top 5 forex traders of all time2021-09-15T13:42:10+08:00

Will the US Dollar Plunge on NFP?


By Andy Berendieiev, FX Analyst and Institutional Sales Manager at Juno Markets. https://www.facebook.com/andriy.berendieiev.9 The Foreign Exchange market is about to close the busy trading week with one of the key macroeconomic events reflecting the impact of the coronavirus pandemic for the world’s leading economy -- the US Non-Farm Payrolls report. Many countries faced an enormous spike of the unemployment rate in April, unprecedented in recent history. Global investors and traders look ahead for the restart of business activity after weeks of the lockdown thus the market reaction to NFP might have a significant mid-term impact on the financial world. This [...]

Will the US Dollar Plunge on NFP?2021-09-15T11:28:04+08:00

Weekly FX Market Update & Technical Analysis.


Global financial markets are full of optimism ahead of essential events this week. Equities are gaining strength across the globe, the risk appetite is rising and the demand for high-yield currencies is robust. The US dollar index measuring the greenback’s strength versus the volume-weighted basket of six major currencies is under the selling pressure, losing 0.68% of its value in two days. The market players have already absorbed comments by the Bank of Japan and started focusing on the two other major Central Banks’ meetings and press conferences - the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. This post [...]

Weekly FX Market Update & Technical Analysis.2021-09-15T11:17:27+08:00

Say a kind word about the ruined oil market.


Is it true that oil costs nothing now, and you will be paid extra for refuelling your car tank? Unfortunately, no. Is it true that the situation in the oil market is hard? Yes. Does it hurt the economies of the largest oil exporters? Yes. Will it kill them? Fortunately, no. So, what happened that everyone began to monitor the rapidly falling price of oil on Monday evening? The truth is that it was not the price of oil that was falling. Rather, not exactly the price of oil. That was the cost of futures, an exchange instrument reflecting the [...]

Say a kind word about the ruined oil market.2021-09-15T11:26:39+08:00

Will Sterling keep declining this Spring?


The volatility eased in the foreign exchange market compared to three-weeks turmoil in March. Most of the currency pairs did not have such sharp swings of quotes and trading ranges narrowed back to normal this week. Exchange rates of major and even high-risk currencies recovered part of previous losses versus the US dollar thanks to unseen supportive measures implemented by central banks, especially in terms of unprecedented liquidity injected into the financial system. As a result, the panic buying of the world’s reserve currency, which always plays the role of a safe-haven asset during tough periods for the global economy, [...]

Will Sterling keep declining this Spring?2021-09-15T11:20:38+08:00

How Does Coronavirus Affect Malaysian Ringgit


The coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic. The entire world has started to go on lockdown with travel bans being put in place and governments requiring home quarantine or isolation for most of the population. As an investor, you have seen headlines about stock markets crashing but many don’t fully understand the impact it has on your local currency. To fully understand why your currency is losing value, you need to understand what affects FX prices. Emerging markets such as Malaysia, rely on two main factors to boost it’s economy: trade flow and foreign investment.  When the world economy is booming, global demand [...]

How Does Coronavirus Affect Malaysian Ringgit2021-09-15T11:22:19+08:00

3 Ways to Take Advantage of A Bear Market


Global stock market volatility has made headlines in recent weeks on the back of the worldwide spread of Covid-19 (aka Corona virus) and just an apparent oil price war initiated by Saudi Arabia.  While the world is panicking and selling off stocks while loading up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper, it’s important to be able to step back and look for opportunities to profit.  Sell offs happen due to market sentiment and fear.  Fear is caused by news and the natural human behavior of following the masses, or herd mentality.  To understand how to profit during a bear market, [...]

3 Ways to Take Advantage of A Bear Market2021-09-15T13:46:13+08:00
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