About Us

Founded in 2014, Juno Markets has become a one of the world’s leading online trading providers for Forex, CFDs, and Precious Metals. We believe in providing clients with the most transparent and reliable trading environment while maintaining a high level of personal service.

Clients will feel the Juno Markets difference in each trade whether you’re manually trading or using EAs and robots. We host our trading servers at the world’s largest data centers to ensure reliability and uptime.

Our management team comes from decades of industry experience and have been able to source the most competitive pricing from our liquidity providers to pass on to clients.

Maintaining these relationships along with an investment into our trading technology allows clients to experience better fills and execution leading to better trading results.

Our commitment to the highest levels of service means clients can reach us anytime from the communication tools they’re used to. Our team is dedicated to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations.

Join Juno Markets and feel the difference.

Our Mission

We aim to become the preferred multi asset platform for traders and partners globally by providing a superior trading experience, exceptional customer service, and resources to help clients succeed.

About the name

Juno Markets is named after the Roman goddess Juno Moneta. In Roman mythology, Juno Moneta was the protectress of funds. As such, money in ancient Rome was coined in her temple. The word “moneta” is where we get the words “money”, or “monetize”.

Our logo incorporates the J and M from Juno Markets and is in the shape of a coin in honor of Juno Moneta.