Juno Markets has partnered with the first FCA regulated crypto liquidity provider, GCEX to offer CFD trading on the world’s most popular coins.

Reviews 72 • Excellent


Commission trading with tight spreads


Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Ripple with 10x leverage


Ability to earn interest for holding short positions.

Can hold a buy and sell position at the same time.


Ability to profit from either rise or fall in coin prices.

No restrictions on short selling.

Did You Know?

With crypto CFDs, traders can benefit from both the rise and fall of prices. Use CFDs as a hedge for underlying assets or as a way to speculate withing needing to hold any coin.

Juno Markets offers trading on the top 3 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization with zero commission charged. The following cryptocurrencies are currently offered:

Symbol Name
Coin Name
Minimum Trade Size
Minimum MT4 Trade Size
1 MT4 Contract Equivalent
0.01 BTC
0.01 ETH
100 XRP
10,000 XRP

Juno Markets offers Cryptocurrency trading in the same hours as forex. Trading is available 24 hours a day starting from Sunday 5 pm EST to Friday 5 EST.

Due to potential volatility and price movements over the weekend, we strongly suggest that you maintain sufficient margin in your trading account if you decide to hold positions over the weekend in order to avoid potential margin calls.

The minimum amount to buy or sell is 0.01 coin for BTC and ETH. The minimum amount to buy or sell is 100 coins for XRP.

Leverage for all Cryptocurrency CFDs is 10:1 or 10% margin requirement.

Example: Buy 0.10 contract of BTC @ $50,000/contract = $5,000 total value
Margin requirement = $5,000 * 10% = $500

Margin call occurs when a client’s Free Margin reaches zero. A stopout occurs when a client’s equity reaches 50% of the account’s margin requirement. In the case of a stopout, the open position with the largest floating loss will be closed first.

Since shares CFDs are traded on margin (ie. borrowed money from Juno Markets), financing charges will apply. Positions held open after the close of market (5pm EST) will incur a financing charge based the market demand of the underlying coin. Finance charges can be found by checking the specifications of each coin in the Market Watch window.

Finance charges are quoted based on annual interest rates. To calculate the daily rate, take the interest rate and divide by 360. For example, if the finance charge for BTCUSD is 10% and BTCUSD is trading at $50,000, then the annual cost of holding 1 BTCUSD position is $500 USD (50,000 * 10%). Therefore, the daily charge is $1.37 (500/360) per BTCUSD contract.

Juno Markets charges 3 days of finance charges or swaps for all positions held past Friday at market close.

  1. CFDs allow you to trade on margin (you don’t need to pay 100% upfront and in most cases allow you to control much bigger positions with a fraction) CFDs replicate all the financial benefits of owning the underlying asset or coin.
  2. Because of leverage, a smaller initial capital is required to start trading
  3. CFDs versus owning the cryptocurrency.
    CFDs offer the ability to go short or sell a coin without having to first own the underlying coin.
  4. CFDs also allow traders to take advantage of strategies such as hedging their existing share portfolio.
  5. Account is based in USD. No need to physically exchange coins and keep a digital wallet.